Approx. 3hrs

Accident & Incident Investigation


Accident & Incident Investigation online course was designed for professionals and supervisors understand the purpose of properly investigating workplace accidents & incidents with support of role for health and safety management. Some key topics include: recognizing and distinguishing between immediate causes of accident and/or incidents, root causes and corrective actions.

Approx. 20 mins



Crane Operator online course is a quick overview designed for professionals that operate, or are near cranes to ensure their safety and others daily in the work environment.  

Approx. 1hr

Building A Lasting

Culture of Safety

Building A Lasting Culture of Safety online course trains on the importance of a productive safety culture and provides details on important practices in keeping a safe work place for yourself and others. Key topics include: educating the importance of safety to those in your work place through examples of long-term consequences of accidents or injuries, effective safety signs placement or notifications, potential hazards, emergency planning, handling drug and/or alcohol abuse in the workplace and much more. . .

Approx. 45 mins

Effective Use

of PPE

Effective Use of PPE online course is designed to help show how to safely protect all professionals that are required to wear PE. Key topics include: hand eye and head protection as well as avoiding back injuries.

Approx. 20 mins

Construction Safety


Construction Safety Orientation online course is designed to provide basic guidance on preventing injuries that can occur due to unsafe conditions or unsafe acts within the construction industry for workers. Key topics include: Job Hazards, Equipment and Tools, Fall Management and much more . . .

Approx times vary

All Health

Training Courses

We offer over 50+ Health & Safety Training Courses from Driver Safety, Defensive Driving, Incident and Accident investigations, WHMIS, and more . . .