Approx. 3hrs

Federal Hours

of Service

Federal Hours of Service online course will train on the Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulation SOR/2005-313, to ensure commercial drivers understand their requirements as a driver and to keep roads safe for others. Key course topics include: requirements for commercial drivers on fatigue management, daily log books, work shifts,  differences between federal vs provincial carriers, deferrals, cycles and much more . . .

Approx. 45 mins



Daily Trip Inspections online course will train on the requirements communicated by the National Safety Code (Standard 13)  that commercial vehicles are required to be inspected, how to properly conduct, inspect and record accordingly before driving on the road. 

Approx. 50 mins

Provincial Hours

of Service (AB)

Alberta for Provincial Hours of Service online course will train on Driver's Hours of Service Regulations Alberta Regulation 317/2002 with respect to Alberta Provincial Carriers. Course topics  include: requirements for carriers and commercial drivers on topics such as responsibility of carriers & drivers,  duty statuses min/max for on & off-duty time, sleeper berth, daily logs and much more . . .

Approx. 120 mins

Weights &

Dimensions (AB)

Weights & Dimensions online course will help commercial vehicle operators understand transportation laws and guidelines to follow weight & dimension allowances and limits for public safety.

Approx. 2hrs



NSC Standard Cargo Securement online course set out by Transportation and Highway Safety, will train the fundamentals and general requirements based upon the National Safety Code (Standard 10) for Drivers and Carriers. Some key course topics include: history of standards, guiding principles, securement options and much more . . .

Approx times vary

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